Not a lot is known about this deity, except that he is a he, and that his name, Maponos, means “Great Son.” There isn’t much known about Maponos except that he is a god that is Celtic and also a Roman god.

He was worshipped by the Parisii, who lived in Gaul (modern day France) on the banks of the Seine, which is the land that France now sits on. During rhat time period the people were Celtic and Roman, as the Romans later conquered the Gaul.

Maponos is a god of the hunt, and youth. He is also compared to Apollo (Apollo Maponos), who has a twin Artemis and they were unable to be born on any land due to Hera preventing Leto to be able to give birth on land, so she went to the island Delos to give birth to the twins. Maponos is depicted as having a lyre and being a god of music as well. He was worshipped by some of the Roman army.

He is compared to Aengus, an Irish god of love, who was born in a day to his father Dagda, bending time of nine months to fit under the same day of his conception to hide his infidelity with Boand, the river goddess of the Boyne, because she was married to Elcmar.

He’s also compared to Mabon ap Madron who is in Arthurian legend. He’s the son of Madron, and they are also a son and mother pair, similar to how both Apollo and Aengus had unique births, however Mabon was taken from his mother when he was three days old instead of having a different birth.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any actual known myth (by what I have been able to find) with Maponos in it. However, it my own personal gnosis that Maponos is very connected to nature, in how he is a god of the hunt. So he could also be compared to a few other gods, what immediately comes to mind is Ullr, then Frey do to how Aengus was love sick after having dreams of Caer, similar to how Frey was love sick for Gerda after seeing her on Odin’s high seat. Then, I also see a connection with Cernunnos and Maponos, even though Maponos doesn’t have horns, although he may be a horny god.

Heart of Glass

Hollow I lie
by solemn Misery’s greed
I stay, and rest
For this is where I shall stay
As my noble, weary heart
Pounds to the last,
I struggle
With my heart of broken glass
that slices ever deep
As I examine,
the ashen remains
Of your time, long gone
and long spent
From this place of mine
that I call home

Use of Crutches

Firstly,  a terminology lesson: a crutch is usually a tool to help someone perform a task, it could also technically be a method or technique, but it I’m going to talk more along the lines of the first definition.

An example could be how if someone injures a leg, to their foot, they’ll need a cast and a crutch. At some point and time, the person will start using crutches to help them walk, as they can’t fully do it on their own without harming themselves.

Another example could be someone using something to enhance skills or ability, like steroids would be a drug that enhances strength. See how those two work? It either helps perform a task, or helps enhance an ability.

In occult terms, a crutch could be like crystals, incense, candles, almost anything that helps ease the way to do a task. In this instance, anything that is required to do that, like in order to do a reading with runes, the reading requires runes. So that would not be a crutch.

Now, I’ve always had an iffy attitude towards crutches. I do not like inadequate feeling relying on methods like that makes me feel. But that does not mean I disapprove of it (as if my disapproval would impact much anyhow) I can respect it still. I like magick, and I like all of that. I better I’ve spent a small portion of my life devoted to learning about it. To me if it is a way, and someone uses that way, I’m less inclined to down talk it.

I just don’t want to use crutches, I have the mindset that I won’t always have what I’m using as a crutch. And I don’t like to feel overly dependent on something, even though there are things I am dependant of.

An example can be of an RPG game, because I like those type of games, and can help with this the character that the player plays as will have base stats, while there can be ways to increase the players stats, or the tools the player uses throughout the game.

Regardless of my viewpoint I do see how crutches can be useful. As they can aid so many practices and have so many other uses.

But, holding onto this viewpoint is highly unrealistic,  as no one can get through all by themselves without using anything, as in a sense tools are crutches too.

Grounding, a Tutorial

This isn’t a tutorial on grounding children. As that would be strange for me to write about considering my circumstances. But rather, this is about grounding yourself. Again, not in the restrictions way.

Grounding is when you center and balance yourself. So that some of you is not here,  and there. There are many variations in techniques on this. A Google search will prove this.

One such way is more common, the tree root method. For me, this is usually a hit and miss. But it works sometimes.

First, meditate until a calm focus encompasses you and fills you up. Then, feel your whole body in a relaxed sort of way. Though technically,  tension could work too as you would still be feeling your body.. But beyond that, once you accomplish that push your awareness down into the ground. Like a root burrowing in the ground. Push and push, until you find a source of energy.  Then once you do, pull it into your body cleansing yourself of what is imbalancing you. Push out what was such out into the earth.

The reason this is usually hit-and-miss for me, is that I don’t always find that energy. And it is more annoying than helpful. Like an itch you cannot successfully scratch.

Another way, is to just gather up the unwanted feelings and such and push it out. I suppose this would only lessen it, instead of get rid of it.

Another way is to feel out your body. And my astral body as well. And then fit it over both selves of the two bodies. Like fitting canvas over a case. So I match them up until they click together. Click, and I just feel more balanced. This is the quickest for me, as I’ve gone out into the astral everyday for almost a year and a half. So I’m very accustomed to my astral body.

Good luck with grounding yourself everyone,  and please search more. Mine isn’t best. It just works for me, remember that.

Calm Waters

So I’m on an acreage, I live in the city.  So this is like a golden time for me, well yesterday I ‘officially’ learned how to row a canoe. The whole entire time the thought of doing it while trancing myself out and trying to see if I could talk to a deity while doing so.

Well, as things happened to pass I checked and rechecked the vibes I had. And then went down the list of who it was that was most likely contacting me.

Poseidon, a god who I’ve always had a reserved respect for without working with intensely. Well, needless to say I just went rowing with him.

In a pond, not the ocean or a river. But you know what? It still worked out in the end, though I did notice his voice, and presence were weaker than I thought. But again,  I’m as far away from the ocean as possible by US standards.

Nonetheless, it was a pleasurable experience. Granted it was harder to hear him and he went silent fairly often, but things still went smoothly.

It was just a beautiful time. I’ll probably add a poem later on, as my creative juices are going halfway on me.

Introduction to Yours Truly

I should have basic information about myself somewhere on here, if I set this up correctly. If I didn’t,  well I’ll figure it out eventually.

This introduction is just for me to basically say “hey all” fo every pagan on here, and then some.

This will most likely be a combination of random thoughts (have a lot of those! ), serious stuff, discussion ideas, poetry, and well whatever I feel like posting.

I’ll probably make a post or something for asks. Like a “hey Corbin (me until I find a suitable public pagan name, my old one is one I don’t feel comfortable with anymore) can you do a post on this?” or well something along those lines. If I say no, try not to get negative feels. It’s just that not EVERY thought or idea humanely possible will go on here. That’s what journals are for.

Now that the whole “this should be what you’ll expect from me” is done.

I’ve been at this for quite awhile,  have had a few ‘ouch that was hot’ moments (like accidentally touching the oven, I suppose) long story short, very short. Here I am. Most likely I will do some in-between posts.